Crystal Valley is located in a forest. At the top of the valley, from under the rocks, a stream flows, which weaves through the entire valley, and crystals are placed along the paths. The valley is far from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers complete relaxation and disconnection from the daily routine.

Sandbox Crystal Valley

Space for children

Because we want to take care of all generations, we have set up a sandbox with crystals, where children can search and dig up crystals.

Spring of love

In the part of the valley, where the stream has created a small pool, we have added rose quartz crystals, next to which you can relax and soak your feet.

spring of love_crystal valley

Crystal shop

Crystals and incense are also available at the entrance of the Crystal Valley, where you buy the ticket. We offer a wide variety of crystals, pendants, bracelets, crystal elixirs etc.

Guided tours

Guided tours of the Crystal Valley and all that it has to offer are possible by prior arrangement. For more information, please contact us using the following form. Please write “guided tour” in the message.

Crystal Valley

Talk to us

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