Who are we?

Who stands behind the Crystal Valley?

Nina Gregorčič

The Crystal Valley is a channeled project that started communicating with Nina a few years ago. The story came full circle when Miha and Grega joined the project. Together with Nejc, they take care of the plan and strategy of events and in the Crystal Valley.

For Nina, the energy world is a balance in her life. With the knowledge she acquires every day, her responsibility grows, as does her dedication. In addition to the Crystal Valley, she also manages Dvorec Gregorčič and makes sure that Dvorec is also energetically supported. She has a desire to show and help women to discover the world of self-love, how a woman should stand up for herself decisively, but not destructively, and how to combine the business environment with spirituality.

Miha Gregorčič

Miha is an extremely creative person and a businessman who likes to learn and always strives for progress in life. His great passion are also old cars and motorbikes; he made a tomos museum at home, with more than 120 motorcycles exhibited.

His passion for crystals began a few years ago, not only from a collecting point of view, but also as investment.

Ten years ago, he received the valley as a gift from his father and has been arranging and caring for it all these years. He felt he had gotten the Valley for a purpose, but he didn’t know what that was until he and Nina met Grega. Miha takes care of maintenance and appearance of the Crystal Valley.

Grega Kraljevski

Even as a child, he was fascinated by crystals and stones, and at the age of thirteen he became the youngest professional gemstone cabochon and faceting technician. Later, he deepened his knowledge of crystals and minerals by studying geology. Grega has traveled extensively around the world, establishing genuine connections with people who now ensure a responsible supply of crystals.

As a crystal, mineral and gemstone expert, he has been involved in their sale for over twenty years, as his desire is to make the beneficial crystal energy accessible to as many people as possible.

Among other things, he is an expert in the field of radiesthesia and radiesthesian diagnostics. Together with his father, he created the internationally awarded Sirius protection against various forms of radiation.

Grega Kraljevski

“My passion for crystals is immeasurable. I am fascinated by both small and large ones, but what is more beautiful than the sight of a huge, sparkling crystal! At foreign crystal fairs, I was always amazed by the sight of these natural wonders and wanted to share them with others.

Crystals belong to nature, to Mother Earth, to their home. Even if they come from remote parts of the world, when they come into contact with the earth, they connect with it and create a unique energy field.

For a long time I have dreamed of a space where I could put these wonderful creations of nature. I already had a location chosen, but things couldn’t seem to move forward. Then, a year ago, a new opportunity came my way. When I saw this land, I knew right away that this was it. Here will be the Crystal Valley, a space that will be dedicated to everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.

I want the Crystal Valley to be a place of peace, and inspiration. To be a place where people can connect with nature and with themselves, an oasis of peace and creativity that will fill hearts and souls with joy and  energy.”


The vision of the Crystal Valley is to become a center for well-being, harmony, connection with nature and crystals, and the creation of a community where visitors experience the intertwining of personal growth, knowledge sharing, and connection with nature and crystals. We want to be an inspiration for holistic well-being and sustainable living, while maintaining respect for nature, crystals, and the world around us.


The mission of the Crystal Valley is to create a safe and inspiring environment where individuals can discover their inner strength, enrich their knowledge, connect with nature and the energy of crystals, and create a strong, interconnected community. We are committed to promoting personal growth, education, and sustainable living. Our mission is to enable each individual to experience the energy, find inner balance, and embark on a journey to their own higher self.

crystal valley sodalite



Crystal Valley fosters spiritual growth and provides unique experiences that strengthen inner balance and deepen the connection to the spiritual world.


We offer a space for exploring crystals, their benefits and properties, and discovering various spiritual practices and meditation.


We recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and are committed to sustainable development. We promote ecological awareness and implement sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.


We encourage building a community of crystal and nature lovers, and encourage mutual connection and sharing of experiences.


We respect nature and are aware of the power and energy of crystals. We want to transmit this attitude to the visitors of the Crystal Valley.


We encourage personal growth and self-respect, which contributes to the overall well-being of visitors.


You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, where we post all the news, updates and events from the Crystal Valley.

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