Welcome to the first Crystal Valley in Europe!

Amidst pristine greenery, where the forest intertwines with water and meets the radiant energy of crystals, you can embark on a journey to inner harmony and discover the unique energy of the Earth’s gifts. Discover more.


Crystal Valley is an oasis of well-being, harmony and connection with nature and crystals. We want to create a safe and inspiring environment for everyone – from the youngest to the oldest. Discover more.

Crystal Valley


If you want to experience an unforgettable culinary experience, we invite you to visit the boutique hotel called Dvorec Gregorčič Manor.

Dvorec Gregorčič is a completely restored monument of immovable cultural heritage and the birthplace of the Slovenian ornamentalist Jože Karlovški.

Dvorec Gregorčič offers a real gourmet experience, which is also energetically supported in the fine dining restaurant with a 96 kg Rose Quartz crystal, and outside for additional energy intake, a table made of fossils is placed surrounded by chairs made of petrified wood. To make the experience even better, Dvorec Gregorčič also offers accommodation and wellness services. Recharge yourself with energy and treat yourself with the best!


Picking up crystals is prohibited

Please respect the crystals and do not take them with you. Crystals located exclusively in the sandbox where children can dig them up are allowed to take home. All other crystals can be purchased in the shop at the entrance. There is a wide selection of products for all crystal lovers. We also offer incenses, crystal jewellery, orgonites, paintings and much more. ​

crystal valley

Dogs are welcomed

Your dog is welcomed in the Crystal Valley. If you bring it with you, keep it on a leash. We also ask you to clean up after it, you can get poo bags at the shop entry point. Fresh water is always available.

Crystal Valley

Keep quiet

Please keep calm, don't scream or run. This will enable all visitors to have a pleasant experience.​​

Crystal Valley

Sun protection

During the day, most of the valley is under the direct sun, so it is recommended to apply sunscreen and to wear a hat. ​

crystal valley

Pay with cash or card

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Crystal Valley

Take enough time

Take enough time to visit the Crystal Valley. The ticket you buy is valid for the whole day, so don't rush anywhere. At the moment, we can only offer water to purchase, but less than 4 km away from the Crystal Valley there is Dvorec Gregorčič, where you can refresh yourself in a wonderful ambience and cuisine, supported by crystals and positive energy. ​

Crystal Valley

Plan for a longer stay

Dvorec Gregorčič is located just under 4 km away from the Crystal Valley, where in addition to catering and wellness, they also offer accommodation. So you can have a complete energetic experience in one place. ​

Dvorec Gregorčič


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